Camping Trip

We are going camping today. Not only are we going camping, we are throwing in a 4 hour drive. We haven’t really been anywhere far away from home in our new coach. Obviously, we are excited. We are off to Madoc for the weekend to see Dale and Sheila. While I was washing the coach this morning (Mar was cleaning the inside. Come on, you can’t show it off dirty!) I was thinking back probably close to 40 years ago, so far back I even had a different wife and a different life. We were off on a holiday in our tuck and camper and stopped at an RV store to “see the new ones”. I was completely blown away by the shiny new 1970 something Frontier class C’s. That is, until I saw the new Vanguard’s with the full fiberglass roof. I know, I’m dating myself.

Anyway, not long after that I was looking at pictures of a new Winnebago Custom, dreaming of the day when I too would be rolling down the highway sitting way up there, watching the world go by.

Today we are not only going down that highway in our coach, we are doing it in a coach that both Mar and I are pleased to call our Home.

I promise we’ll wave as we roll by, and maybe a toot of the air horn.