Bye Bye Sweet Bungie

Sweet Bungie

For at least the past two months Miss Bungee has been our constant road companion. We tried to replace her with the actual working travel locks for the wardrobe doors but every RV parts store I visited listened to my polite request only to reply “NADA! Go to Monaco.” I know back at Sicard’s they have lots of them just waiting for us to break another one. If Sicard’s stock them then so does someone else.
Wednesday on our way south to Amado we stopped at the new western Lazy Days in Tucson. He not only knew what I wanted, he had them. He has one less package now because I bought one.
Friday morning, on our down to one dog day, Mar and I did the repair. She is so damn cute in her designer coveralls with her leather tool belt some days I just break things on purpose. Oops, don’t read that last part. So now Miss Bungee goes back in the bungee box to await her next assignment and we are sooo happy to not have her staring back at us in our bed.

Buster Update

Buster came home at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon and is doing just fine. He had  one broken and 6 rotten teeth. He has a lot more room in his little mouth this morning.

Good news on Buster but basically no news on the bananas. They are still green, just like the beer we will all have on St Patty’s day.
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4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Sweet Bungie

  1. Buster looks great , glad he bounced back so quickly…as for those bananas….I’d make some Banana Foster with them , or some dessert….maybe freeze them for banana bread.

  2. if you google “what to do with grren bananas , lots of suggestions pop up…one for fritters too….good luck with those

  3. Contessa; You have a perfect grasp of the situation. His mouth now apears fine. My wallet is still hurting to the tune of about $800. What we won’t do for our pets!
    Nancy; Thankyou, You’re right there are lots of possibilities.

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