Buster’s got a brand new boot

Buster's brand new boot

Buster’s brand new boot

It’s now 3 months since Buster had his stroke and while the changes are less obvious, we still see little differences in his recovery every day.
One things for sure if Buster, Angel or anyone else is going to hang with Marilyn and I they need to be able to,  and like to, walk.

He continues to get stronger walking but he has a weakness in his left front leg, so he drags the upper face of his foot with every step. That’s not a problem on grass or sand but on pavement or cement he very quickly gets a road rash which starts to bleed.

It’s gotta hurt!

I’m sure Marilyn has been in every pet store we’ve seen in the past month looking for a suitable boot to cover his injury and get him back to where he likes to walk.

My Lady got a little frustrated 

Finally, when  she was totally frustrated, she decided she would just make one. And that’s exactly what she did. He’s been wearing it for the last couple of days, and his walking is now definitely coming back

Now Angel says she wants a boot too,but she of course (just like someone else in this house) wants one with more bling.  “Something a little more fashionable”  she says.


Ever had a cherry chocolate beer?

Sam Adams  Cherry Chocolate bock

Sam Adams Cherry Chocolate Bock

Me neither until yesterday, but if you, like me, like the flavors of cherry, chocolate and good beer, you too will love this special brew for Christmas from Samuel Adams of Boston.

Sam Adams is available almost everywhere in the US and certainly in the LCBO’s in Ontario as well. It’s like a rich dessert in a little brown bottle.

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.” –Ben Franklin

2 thoughts on “Buster’s got a brand new boot

  1. Remember Nancy’s song….
    “These Boots are Made for Walkin”
    You better keep a tight hold onto the leash!

  2. That one thing that MAr does, is make it if she can’t buy it. A wonderful quality. I’m sure Buster is very pleased and happy to keep up with the family….pain free!

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