The Buster Report

It’s now been about  four and a half months since my buddy Buster suffered his stroke and even now, we still see improvements every day.

Back in September, when we first got him home, he could hardly walk more than a step or two before he would fall over. He would pick himself up and try again thou, he’s always had lots of attitude and a step or two became 2 or 3 steps, then 4  and now his daily walks can easily last over an hour. He’s a long way from fast but he is certainly doing his best.

He still can’t jump up on stuff (not necessarily a bad thing) and up until the last few days getting down has been an issue as well. But lately he has decided he can jump down off the bed and on two occasions this week has walked down the stairs out of the coach.

He still drags his left front foot and so it will still bleed if unprotected. You’ll recall that Marilyn originally sewed him a boot out of denim, then leather. We’ve since discovered a product called Pawz  that is lighter and easier to get on and off  then our home-made ones.  He likes them better too.

As always, we are 100% sure we did the right thing by treating the stroke and bringing him back to good health.

I’d love to stay and chat, but guess who’s at the door wanting out.

Angel, Buster, their buddy Chase out for a long walk

Angel, Buster, their buddy Chase out for a long walk. See the red “Pawz?”

“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s.”- Mark Twain

Thanks for coming over.

2 thoughts on “The Buster Report

  1. Great news!! Just like a human , he is getting better day bay day, sometimes it can take over a year to fully recover. Do you remember all the small stools we have in our RV so the dogs can have an easier time to jump up or down from the bed and sofa? You might want to try some of those for Buddy.
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  2. So glad to hear our beloved Buster is continuing to improve. Cannot wait to see Buster and Angel again. Oh yes and of course you and Marilyn too.

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