Bottle Brew Beer Test Results

Remember me telling you about the Bottle Brew beer that I purchased in Altona? So, in our motorhome basement, while travelling across Canada I brewed my first ever 2 liter bottle of beer. Now there are certain problems with trying something new, especially when what you are hoping to produce is a 2 liter bottle of beer. They say 2 liters is the equivalent of a six pack, but with a six pack you don’t have to drink them all in one sitting. Think about it, really, what do you do with a two litre bottle of beer. That’s a lot of beer to consume before it goes flat.

Last night the stars aligned. We are in Kamloops, BC, visiting my sister Leila and her hubby Bob. Marilyn prepared a fine meal and we had them over for dinner. Now if I was to pick anyone I know who I could count on to help me consume that much brew in one sitting, Bob would be my very first choice.

He was hardly out of their car when he asked me about my bottle brew beer experiment. Perfect I thought,. I have an enthusiastic assistant.

He liked it. I liked it. The only down side I can see is that Bob got a bit of sludge with the last glassful out of that big bottle

6 thoughts on “Bottle Brew Beer Test Results

  1. *Gasp*! That’s awesome! I went to that website, and have dutifully bookmarked it.
    Quite pleased that I stopped by.
    I can only guess that you might try putting it into a couple smaller bottles after you’ve finished brewing? Or I suppose just make sure you have a friend who is willing to share.
    The sludge issue at the bottom is something to be mindful of though. Kind of like Turkish coffee. Gah.

  2. Can’t believe you would share that valuable Altona brew without us..ha,ha
    Glad it was good.. travel safe..
    Glen and Myrna

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