Blown Away By Brookgreen Gardens

The 5 Muses: This one was Marilyn’s favorite

Imagine please,  a 9100 acre (37 square kilometer) preserve, featuring  huge themed  gardens with more than 1700 different sculptures displayed throughout. The area also features a zoo, miles of walking trails through different ecosystems. I’m telling you about the zoo and the trails only because we read about them. You see we were completely taken by gardens and the sculptures. It was only after  too many hours in the gardens we pulled our selves away because of our puppies at home with their legs crossed ever so tightly.
Welcome to Brookgreen Gardens

Probably the most amazing part was that this project begins in the depths of the depression in 1930 when Archer and Anna Huntington buy four adjoining rice plantations for a mere $225,000 and begin working on their dream. Many of the sculptures are done by Anna.

I think I could go on for hours about this place, so suffice to say that we were not the least bit excited about returning to Myrtle Beach. We don’t golf (except mini golf) we don’t do attractions and we are not big on franchise food. Now thou we have a reason to visit this area, in fact I’m not sure we could ever get enough of this place.

Tomorrow we visit their “winter house”

“Gardens are poems
Where you stroll with your hands in your pockets.

Pierre Albert-Pirot

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