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We begin this this post with some exciting action video!

A couple of posts back we discussed how we were having a bunch of fun making wine using the FastFerment brewing gizmo . Today our wine is fermenting very nicely, thank you very much. In fact if you watch the bubbles appear in the whatchmacallit (actually called a cylindric fermenter)  in the exciting video there it kind of makes you wonder what the hell is going on down there in the Fast Ferment vessel. the word orgy comes to my mind when I watch the process you see in the video. I actually took the lid off and had a look inside (I knocked first and told them to straighten up because I was coming in). I saw things that I could never discuss with my children, probably not even with our dog Angel. I can say that I now completely understand why it tastes so good and why it makes Marilyn act so funny.

Just have a look at those firtacious little bubbles. Why do they have such big smiles on their tiny little faces?

Anyway, it will all be over in three or four weeks.  they will be separated in their bottles, laying on their side in a cold unlit room with nothing but their memories of their mis-spent youth to think of. Can you imagine the stories they will share with the other little bubbles.

Did you notice I’m taking on steamier topics then I used to and that I’m using more descriptive words then I used to? I’m doing that because I was reading an article about how to become a “best selling author” written by some guy with a bunch of letters after his name. He said to reach the mass audience I needed to use more descriptive words in my writings. I’ve met most of my readers (at least 3 out of the 4) and I think we’ve got that “mass” part well covered.

He also says  I should pound on the keys on my laptop harder. Apparently that too will gain me readers. (is it OK that the keyboard smokes like that?). I’m not sure how he would know about “best selling authors”. His booklet was on sale, marked down to “pay what you can” and then finally “free.” Maybe he knows because he asked Google. Or maybe he has a neighbor who is a successful author and he asked him his secret.

Maybe I should pound even harder.

I want to thank you all for reading my words (all 385 of them so far today) because I sure enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you (now four hundred and six).


Y’All have a great day ya hear?

“Write a wise saying and your name will live forever” Author unknown

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