How’s this for Bling?

This October is our 30th anniversary and I’ve been getting a lot of hints lately that maybe it’s time for some “bling”. It seems that when we married all those years ago, we opted to pass on an engagement ring to buy a house instead. Here we are  three decades later, still no ring, and we just bought another house.

She is not convinced. Seems that while she appreciates the gesture, that’s the keys and paperwork for our new coach that we get today, she wants more.

I’m suprised that  putting up with me for more than a quarter centurywould deserve more than a bit of jewelry.

4 thoughts on “Bling

  1. Are you getting excited with new R.V. and your new spot in Tres Amigo,s but thing,s are lucky in three,s so I’m thinging “ring” hey!!!!!!! Adios for now Susie Love your blog!!

  2. Well you could always take a small sand dollar and sprinkle it with gold glitz but I think that the time has come…..bling time.

  3. Larry, Darling….I can tell that deep down you are a hopeless romantic, however – Bling defined consititutes more than merely something Mar can clip on to her fanny pack…take my advice and find a little bling that you can slip onto her finger and I guarantee you will not be romatically hopeless….Cheers!

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