Blame It On Sheila

It’s pretty quiet out here on the southern Outer Banks. There is not much going on and almost feels like we’re in one of those end-of-the-world-movies. The one exception is on the sound on the west side of this little stick of sand. The waters are full of people kite boarding and kite surfing and most of the stores catering to that crowd are wide open and busy. And of course they carry a few t-shirts. I saw this one and had to have it. I was holding back, I really don’t need another t-shirt. Marilyn’s comment was “come on Larry, it’s your t-shirt. If Sheila was here she would buy it for you.”
So I bought it. Thanks for the shirt Sheila.Oh and by the way, you owe me 30 bucks.


Unexpected Company


Marilyn and Jason

We got a call the other day from good 50 friends Jason and Gord. These guys are new full-time RVers who just this summer sold their house and moved into their motorhome. They were parked at 50 Point and are heading back there in the spring. They are now out enjoying their first full winter south.
We told them of our schedule and we agreed to hook up somewhere. Yesterday about 3 our phone rings: It’s Gord. “What time is happy hour” he asks.
“How about 4 o’clock?” we respond.
These guys are crazy funny and real genuine friends. If they happen to show up in your park some day you’ll want to knock on their door and tell them Marilyn & Larry sent you. You’ll recognize their Ontario license plates. They call themselves the Spicy Boys. They’ve even started a blog. Why not drop over and give them a read

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”  Linda Grayson

4 thoughts on “Blame It On Sheila

  1. Which Box is Best?

    Well just have to say it was great to share a glass of wine or 2 with the Amazing Vanstones last evening…think we learned so much about this full timing thing. Settled alot of issues but we never did conclude which box was best… that is….guess we will have to continue our research as we travel around this country.

  2. Oh man, thirty bucks for a t-shirt seems a bit steep for me. No wonder you were somewhat hesitant. Great t-shirt though. A feller has to have what a feller has to have. You’d better keep it for a long, long time though. Just a thought.

  3. Bob the Tshirt was probably only $19.00 but now he is looking for carrying charges, delivery charges and modelling charges as well. You know he is not working right now. Never the less love, the TShirt Larry and yes I would have bought it. Marilyn you know oh too well. In fact think I passed on a Tshirt that was right up your alley “All who wander are not Lost”! Saw it in the LIfe is Good Shop on Main Street in Memphis ahhh now I have to go back to Memphis 🙂
    Say hi to the Spicy Boys and wish them all the best on their first year of full timing. Somehow I expect great adventures are in store for them.

  4. Sheila I would never ever up charge a lady as lovely as you. Just the cost of the shirt ( it has long sleeves after all, on BOTH arms) plus tax plus my normal 10% handling charge , rounded Up to the nearest $10.

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