Birds Of A Feather

what do birds of a feather do again?

can anyone remember what do birds of a feather do again?


And us birds are flocking!
Yesterday afternoon Bill and Marilyn Johnson rolled in to join us here at Gulf shores State IMAG2486Park. And of course that called for another get together last night to welcome them to our little group of merry. We also heard from Doug and Gerri, they arrived yesterday at the French Quarter RV Resort and have promised to make sure our sites are all neat and tidy, ready for our arrival tomorrow.

Without question, we are all getting excited. When the ten of us get together anywhere it’s going to be a good party so when you add in that we are getting together at Mardi Gras you know it will  be a blast.

We’ve shared a lot of pictures of the Gulf shores area for the past few weeks so just to mix it up a bit, here’s a picture from 2 years ago.

Anybody else love the Superstition Mountains?

Superstition Mountains, February 2012

Superstition Mountains, February 2012

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” -Imogen Cunningham

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