Birds do it Bees do it

One last walk down to Pensacola Beach

One last walk down to Pensacola Beach

I start each day catching up on the news via a small bedroom radio. This morning they were discussing where our summer birds go in the  winter. You know, the ones that enjoying waking us at 4 and 5 in the morning with their songs.

It would appear that while some birds fly to their favorite spot in Central America and settle in, others spend their winter moving from one area to another.
Yesterday on this blog I mentioned that we like to move often, George agreed that for them it was once every week or two that they got the itch. Meanwhile Contessa responded that they really enjoy sitting for 5 months in their dream location.
Lucky for all of us, including the birds, there is no right or wrong to all this. It’s just what ever works best.

We’re breaking up the old gang

We talked the other day about us three rving couples, neighbors from 50 Point Conservation Area,  getting together in Pensacola to catch up. As I write this, Gord and Jason are packing up for a 7 hour run back in to central Florida to catch up with some other friends.

In 2 or three hours Marilyn and I will be packed up to move about and hour or so west to Gulf Shores State Park.  Brian and Glenda, having said their goodbyes last night, are probably tucked in their bed looking forward to some quiet when they awake.

the dogs enjoyed one last look at their favorite dog beach. Can you see the beached boat off in the distance?

The dogs enjoyed one last look at their favorite Pensacola dog beach.

Nothing but blue skies

Our cold nasty weather has moved on and our forecast for the next week or so is 60’s or 70’s every day. It feels so good!

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“Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can.” –Nicholas Sparks

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  1. Absolutely love this park and the location as it is an amazing beach with sand like sugar. However, the winds did not like our awnings and removed them from our RV so keep an eye on the breezes. Look forward to hearing if you enjoyed it as much as we did. Just sign me still freezing in Texas.

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