Big Day at the Big O

It’s a mighty big day at the Big O. Today is the Mardi Gras parade. In preparation it’s been a little quiet here for the last day or so. The guys have been busy out behind their RV’s secretly decorating their golf carts while the ladies have put the finishing touches on their costumes. It all breaks loose today at about noon when the big parade begins winding it’s way through the RV park.

Perfect Weather For It

Apparently the weatherman pays attention to what’s happening at the Big O. Today, just in time, he’s promising highs near 80 and this morning there is not a cloud in the sky.

Stay tuned. If you are all good kids today, there could be pictures tomorrow.

“Mardi Gras, baby. Mardi Gras. Time when all manner of weird shit cuts loose and parties down.” 
Sherrilyn KenyonNo Mercy