Beware Of The Bugs

Question: On a 70 degree spring day in south Texas why would that lady be all dressed up looking like she is ready for a winter day back where ever they still have winter days? Answer: Mosquitos. Remember the storm with the rain and tornado’s we talked about when we were in San Antonio earlier in the week? The same storm passed through all of eastern Texas dumping inches of rain. In fact there are still lots of puddles around. This picture was taken at Galveston Island State Park where there is lots of grass and underbrush, an absolute perfect combination for millions of Texas size, Texas hungry mosquitoes.

When we park for the night Marilyn always hops out and guides me as we back into our site. Thursday afternoon she was doing quite the dance as she whacked at the little critters while she worked on guiding me past all hazards with the coach. Fortunately we could only stay one night in the State Park and have now moved into Bayou Shores RV Resort .

Bugs are a huge deal for us this year because other than one lonely bug bite way back in I think December, these are the first bugs we have seen since we left Ontario last October. Contrast that with our last three winters in Mexico where it was a daily war with Mosquitos, Sand Fleas and No-Seeums. A war, I might add, that the bugs won every time. This year we found almost no bugs in California and absolutley no bugs in Arizona. We have been spoiled.

See the water and dirt stains on the sides of that newspaper? Notice the date? That’s the September 11, 2008 edition of the Houston Chronicle. On the 13th Ike was here with all it’s fury. For the most part most of the damage has been cleaned up and restored, but there are still little reminders here and there.

2 thoughts on “Beware Of The Bugs

  1. Nice to see that it is getting cleaned up after Ike. We Took a cruise from Galveston Port in Nov. 2008, The port was just reopened a few days before our departure. All we saw of Galveston then was the devastation, pretty sad. Enjoy the area and the bugs. We to get spoiled with Arizona winters, no humidity and no bugs.

  2. Looks like a lovely spot. Too bad about the bugs! In all honesty though I do have to say that while we do still have some noseeums and mozzies here on the Isla it is at least 75% better than last season. Marjorie may not agree but here in RV1 it really has been better, partly I think to the work in the fields behind us and that Cordon’s is no longer dumping behind their restaurant

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