Between A Rock

Some people would say this is a picture of rocks on concrete.
Others would be sure that this is a message from beings from another planet. They would explain that here in the California high desert there aren’t many crops to make crop circles out of so the only way they could convey their alien message is using rocks because there is sure no shortage of rocks.
Still others would surmise that when we were out at the ocean the other day we picked up some rocks on the beach, maybe because we couldn’t find any shells. (Or maybe we promised each other we wouldn’t pick up any more shells because we had enough already) And that we brought the rocks home to paint them so they look like lady bugs.
Now that makes no sense at all.
I’ve been looking at these rocks all morning, I’ve been pondering and pondering. I’m going to go with the aliens; that’s the only explanation that makes any sense.

Look! When we weren’t watching they came back and moved the rocks around. They must have made a spelling mistake on the first message. Do you think they have a “rock” spell check? Do you think that someday I’ll be OK?

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