Best Deal Ever

As you know Marilyn and I are going to school this week.

We are attending  a TechnoGeek Learning Rally  here in Bushnell Florida. From 9 in the morning until 5 or 6 at night our heads are being filled with information about our computers, tablets, smart phones, GPS’s, cameras, and so much more. We are working out tails off trying to absorb all this stuff while having the time of lives. It’s good to exercise the brain once in a while, but by suppertime we are dead dog tired!

The course was $299 and that’s for the two of us for 6 days of training and 9 meals. How could we possibly go wrong?

Yesterday for example we first learned about the cloud  before taking our first class on Picasa photo editing. Then an hour on smartphones followed by more Picasa, then internet on the road.
I’ve used Picasa on my blogs since 2006 but yesterday I learned more in 90 minutes then I did in 6 years on my own.

Today its Facebook, making movies, more smart phones and …..

Here’s a tip for you

Do you know the most popular password is 1234567890. Number 2 is “password”. Not too creative, also not much good.
We all have problems with passwords. They tell us that we should have different passwords for each application but we struggle to remember the two or three we alternate for everything. The Geeks have a suggestion.
We have promised ourselves that as soon as we finish this course we are going to download a free program called LastPass. We are convinced it will both protect us and solve our computer security concerns.

I think we could all use a little help with passwords.

6 thoughts on “Best Deal Ever

  1. LastPass is a Godsend for users that have several apps and I’ve been using it for the past few years for business reasons. It can get a bit complicated with financial institutions though. Whatever you do, don’t forget your master password!

  2. Hey Larry,
    It was great getting to know you and Marilyn. Thanks for the wonderful dinner last night. And, thanks for the kind words in your blog. And, remember, that $299 also included a year’s membership on our website with the tutorial videos!
    We look forward to seeing you down the road!
    Chris and Jim (and Odie)

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