Bed Wetting

I understand that this is not the most tasteful of topics to dicuss openly, but then when I think about it, I’ve been called a lot of things over the years but I don’t remember ever being called “tasteful.” So here goes:

I’m happy to announce that neither Marilyn or I wet the bed anymore. Me not for almost 65 years and Marilyn; well she’s so prim and proper, she probably never did. Even our dogs are well trained. So generally if there’s a wet bed in the Vanstone house somebody must have spilled their cocoa.

That’s why, when we were in Santa Rosa, my good wife was so concerned when she slid the mattress out from the wall and there was condensation on the wall and bed frame in one area. We cleaned it all up (including bleach), kept the bed pulled a couple of inches out from the wall for a few days and all was fine.

Then a week or so ago here in Aguanga, after a couple of really cold nights (high desert weather. Cold at night, warms right up as soon as the sun rises) there once again was condensation near the head of the bed.  So once again, we slid the bed out a couple of inches from the wall, problem goes away.

Co-incidentally,  we were in the hot tub yesterday, talking to some of our neighbors. They have the same problem and found the same solution.

Just as an aside; I’m a wee bit concerned that we are suddenly of the age that we spend an afternoon discussing bed wetting, or the lack there-of, with perfect strangers. I mean we just met these people 10 minutes before and here we are discussing Nocturnal Enuresis. Just as casual as all get out!

So kids, that’s your lesson for today. And please,be careful with that cocoa.

You are never too old to learn something stupid.

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  1. Sooo glad you shared that !! Hope you both have a awesome 2012, hope to see you !! R&S sniff butts from Sara to Buster&Angel

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