Beach Bums

Anna Maria Beach

Anna Maria Beach

I’m sure faithful readers will agree; we don’t often miss an opportunity to walk a beach and yesterday was a perfect day and a perfect beach.

With a mid morning temperature in the mid 80’s we arrive at Anna Maria beach on Anna Maria Island to walk the soft white sugar sand and dip our toes in the warm Gulf coast waters. The beach was busy already with even a few girls under the umbrellas  in bikinis to brighten a fellas day.

After our walk we stopped for lunch at a highly recommended beach restaurant and shared a salad and an order of scallops. While the lunch was both delicious, huge and a great value, it also came with some great entertainment. At the table next to us sat two local very senior couples who obviously hadn’t seen each other in a long while(maybe they meet there every week and just don’t remember). None of them could hear very well so the  conversation was loud enough for most of the folks in the beach restaurant. It started with “Hows your health?” Turns out there was so much wrong with  them you could not make one completely functioning body out of the 4 of them.

20131210_115447“How’s the family?” They had not one good thing to say about their kids, but saved the nasty stuff for the kids significant others and the really nasty stuff for the grand and great grand kids. Next up, politics;  No surprise here; Obama was not on their Christmas list, but then neither was Bush. They even reached back to Clinton with some rather nasty remarks.

It all reminded us of Seinfeld when Jerry went to visit his folks at their new condo in Florida. That was funny, but it was fiction. Yesterday’s conversation was both funny and real life.

“I’m much more comfortable criticizing people behind their backs.” 
– George in The Engagement


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