Baseball On The Isla

What you see here is a perfect example of Mexican advertising. There was  a baseball game yesterday afternoon between the Isla team and The Tres Amigos Gonads (Go North American Drunken Seniors). It was kind of like a group of older teenagers playing their grandfathers. Or put another way, kids who still get baby bonus in the same game as guys who now get  their  Pension  check every month.

But before a big game like that you need preparation and organization, and that’s where us old guys shine. No one wanted to be the catcher, until Randy agreed to do it provided he had a cup. Bob said No problemo Senor and set about finding the proper sized Coconut. Then he got out his saw.

Later, sure that Randy would be happy with his “protector” Bob  proudly showed off his craftmanship.

At three oclock promptly both teams agreed on the rules (maximum 5 points by either team in one inning was the most notable rule)  and the game began.

Right from the opening pitch the Gonads had the biggest and loudest cheering section. While doing the wave our girls kept screaming  “Please don’t hurt our men”

I’m proud to say the Gonads also scored the first point. I’m sad to say that at the end of one inning it was 5 to 1 for the Mexicans. After two it was about 10-3. After that they quit counting. Good thing, cuz it wasn’t pretty. But it was a lot of fun! The locals finally put out their little kids and our guys figured out pretty quickly that that meant it was Pacifico Time.

I need to mention that the locals have invited the Gonads back for a grudge match next week. Our guys are to play an Isla  team at 3:30 Monday. They’d start earlier but the kids don’t get out of Elementary school til then.

Here’s some more photos taken at the game from an album called  Gonads Baseball.

4 thoughts on “Baseball On The Isla

  1. WOW!! Sounds like a blast. Leave it up to Bob. He’s the greatest. Have loads of fun your last few weeks. I laughed and laughed. thanks, Bev

  2. Hi Folks:
    I have just read, looked at the great pictures and enjoyed this blog. The baseball game! what can one say, I remember Don playing ball when Peter was 2 years old and he was 38 last week! But it certainly looks like a great time had by all.
    I probably will not see you when I get back as know you will be on your way. I arrive there on March 3rd and have had a wonderful time at home, albeit snow, wind and one day rain! We will be in touch this summer and want to remember that bicycle ride we talked about.
    Larry. you will be in my thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery and also good luck on the run. With all that practise it will be a cinch!
    We will keep in touch. Have a safe journey home and once again, thanks for all the interesting reading.

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