A Bar On wheels


Get a load of this bike.

On each side are 5 bicycle seats, each with a set of pedals, the big gear and chain attached to another set of gears so you can pedal just like an ordinary bike.

The seats all face the bar and on the bar, there is a drinkholder for each rider. There is an aisle between the two bars so that a bartender can provide excellent service to each and every rider.  In the front of the bike is an area for a pilot to steer this strange gizmo. He does not get a drink holder. Across the back is a more relaxing kind of couch, those folks  don’t get a drink holder either, but they don’t pedal.

Where do we find this stuff you ask? We were out for a bike ride, rolling down a residential street here on Tybee Island and passed it. Of course we stopped to have a look.  At the time we had water in our water bottles but I admit, I was thinking that if the right spot popped up we could maybe stop for a cool one.

The sign says it’s the Dixie Pedlar and here’s a short video of what a local calls a Bar On Wheels:

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