Bad Behavior


cloudy skies over Lake Ontario

Lots of thick clouds. Won’t be much color this morning


Talking about sunsets the other day,  I said “sunrises and sunsets always strike me as mother nature’s gift to me for being out there.”

No Gift Today!

Last night I check with Professor Google:
He She tells me that this morning is to be about -4 in St Catharines, sunrise will be at 7:45  and it will have quit snowing so maybe a chance of a sun rise.

At minus 4, it’s going to be a fine day. I need to go find a sunrise.

In the car and on my way to Jones Beach in lots of time to catch the color. Not another living soul out here, I have the beach to myself, but I don’t care. To the sun I yell out what Google told me, but really I don’t care if it’s late. I’m more than dressed for the weather, it’s quiet and the air is fresh. I’m on the shore of Lake Ontario and I can see that it’s iced over for at least a half mile before there’s open water  out there, in fact there’s some neat ice formations out where the waves meet the ice.

Behind me on the shore I spy a lonely tree. It says “please” when I ask if I can photograph it. I can see it touching up its lipstick  as I frame it up. There is no sign of any color in the sky so I play with the camera and snap another, then another.

I just enjoy the day as I hang around, waiting for some color to pop through the clouds for about 20 minutes.

I’m getting hungry,  and there’s always tomorrow. I’m in the car and on my way. Half way home, driving along the Welland Canal, there’s a little color in the sky now. Maybe I’m not completely shut out.

sunrise picture through fence

And the headline reads “Local photographer Barred from snapping sunrise photo!”

“They say that photographs don’t lie. some times mine do”