Backward Glancing and Navel Gazing

Palomar Mountains in the distance

We better get busy. In just a couple of days we’ll be needing to put an extra 2 on our keyboards. Instead of being 2011, suddenly it will be 2012.

I, like everyone else has spent some time looking back at 2011. I even wrote a rather lengthly piece about all the highlights and low lights of 2011.  I covered my cancer operation,  our daughter’s wedding and finally Marilyn’s loss of her mother. I put all the proper links in there so you too could look back and had oodle’s of nice pictures. In my mind at least, it was a true work of art.
I saved it for a bit, but in the interim read a few other people’s Year in Review, and then I went back and trashed it.

That was then, this is now. We all had some sad days in 2011 and we all had some great days. It’s called life and we all get to live it. Any way we want.

So, now that I’ve quit looking back, I can look ahead. I can even start working on my New Years Resolutions.

Let’s see: Lose some weight, get more exercise, become president of the world…….What did I miss? I’ll just take last years list and change the font. Same as I did for 2010.

Thanks for the read. If I don’t see you before, Happy New Year


One thought on “Backward Glancing and Navel Gazing

  1. The first and foremost resolution for 2012 for us is to enjoy the winter in sunny parts…I’ll work on the rest upon arrival…one of our highlights for 2011 was retirement, and meeting a great guy at Sicard RV and finding our dream machine…thanks Larry..all the best to you and Mar..for a wonderful 2011..hope we meet up down the road again!!!

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