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Wind Over Water

Wind Over Water

We enjoyed Brookgreen Gardens  when we were there the other day so we went back for a second look yesterday. Our original admission was good for 7 days so it cost nothing to go back for a second, third or 6th day if we choose.

And yesterday was the day for it. In the beautiful warm sun, the temperature worked its way up into the low 20’s (low 70’s). In certain areas of the garden there were thousands of different colored butterflies enjoying the day. I felt like shooing them all indoors because last night the temperature was to freeze here (and it did). I bet there’s not many honey bees or  butterflies there today.

Walking through the gardens, enjoying the plants and the sculptures for a couple of hours works up a big appetite and thankfully Marilyn came ready with what we Vanstones call a “Hawaiian Lunch”. This family tradition started for us back in the early 90’s when we headed off with the kids on a 3 week IMAG1786vacation to Hawaii. On our first day there when we got the bill for our meager restaurant lunch we  realized that wasn’t going to work, so for day two and beyond we bought a styrofoam cooler. Then each day we would pick up some buns, cold meat, veggies and stuff and make up lunches when we got hungry. Hence  the “Hawaiian Lunch” was born and was a staple of most family outings for years. As you can see,yesterday, like always, it was delicious and certainly fun, just to the two of us sitting out in the sun having a good old-time.

After lunch it was back to some other areas of the garden we hadn’t seen. Another hour or two of sculptures and gardens (as beautiful as they are) I was sculptured out. It was kind of like Temples in China, or Mayan ruins in Mexico or craft beers in a good liquor store. Exciting at first but after a while they are all just “temples, ruins or beer”

So, with sun roof open and windows down and the tunes on. we went home to rescue our puppies. They’d been locked up long enough.

But then, while we are walking the dogs and chatting with neighbors we get thinking about the sculptures again. Marilyn and I got so excited just talking about them we rushed home closed, all the blinds, stripped off our duds and took turns posing for each other. I even got to play a greek god for a bit. I was the greek god of.  Never mind

At one point I thought we must have missed a blind or two. It sounded like I was hearing  thunderous applause from the neighbors but it turned out it a gust of wind had blown a bunch of acorns off the trees above us onto the roof of our coach.

I’m starting to build an inventory of slightly read posts so if you’re up to it, here’s a freebie: November 14 2011, on the Oregon Coast. God I love that coast!

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