Back On The Road

We arrived here in Apache Junction with a big long list of things to do, things to buy, before we cross into Mexico. Yesterday, we had the solar screens made up for the motorhome and that pretty much wraps up the list.

Today we move a few miles down the road to St David’s to catch up with George & Suzie for a visit and later today we  will be joined by Bob & Marjorie as we prepare for our Saturday departure for Mazatlan. First though, we celebrate Marilyn’s birthday with a trip to Tombstone.

Surpise, surprise, not everything we bought was “on the list”.

Nice lamp eh? I have to agree; it goes perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Back On The Road

  1. A perfect replacement lamp for the one that died in the slideout squish! Hugs to you all, wish we were there with you….well sort of…really George & Suzie have to get HERE!!!!

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