Back In School

"Going to school" Under our awning, in my favorite chair. Buster At the ready to answer the tough questions

“Going to school” Under our awning, in my favorite chair. Buster At the ready to answer the tough questions

I follow the Geeks On Tour. I admit it, I find them kind of fun.

Marilyn and I even hooked up with them at a park in Bushnell last year and did their  TechnoGeek school on computers and smart phones and all things computer-ish. We had a great time and we learned a lot.

A few of weeks ago Chris  posted an article on life long learning and  talked about how she and Jim attended a seminar where they learned about learning. She commented that she and Jim are life long “learners”.

Well ,guess what Chris, so are Larry and Marilyn.

She talked about MOOC (free university) and I got all excited so I checked them out and,and  that opened a whole new opportunity for learning for me. I got so excited I enrolled in a short course on “how to write for the web” through a university in Melbourne Australia. And here I am, writing for the web.

In this course each topic starts with a short video presentation, followed by a questionnaire  followed by another short video all in little snippets I can do on my tablet, in the comfort of my zero gravity chair and all on my schedule. I have now completed that  course and will receive my diploma (via email, of course) tomorrow. Did I mention that the course I did was free? Or that in this course I had 1491 classmates from all over the planet?

School on the internet is quite different from when I went to sticks and bricks school. For one thing, at internet scool you can’t pull the pig tails of the girl sitting in front of you

After that, who knows, the possibilities are endless, there are hundred of courses out there on any topic you want to discuss. There’s probably even one you would like.

Imagine that. Me a university grad!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” –Mahatma Ghandi

2 thoughts on “Back In School

  1. Well good for you!
    Truth be told though, there are many who are already writing for/on the web, who need to learn how to write. Or at least use punctuation and proof read, which is probably why someone thought there was a need for a course.
    You should ace it.

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