We Have Babies!

An appropriate picture for a spring post

An appropriate picture for a spring post

We’ve been busy, Mare and I, for the past couple of weeks!
Both working our posteriors off getting back into the swing of things.

Marilyn has been catching up with her accounting clients, designing and manufacturing costumes for our kid’s dance school and preparing to make a couple of sets of drapes for RV renovations going on in the park. Then, when she had some time she would crank out a couple of Perfect Pockets.

For my part, my part-time-job-share-job kicked off a little busier than normal this year and I am now really enjoying my first week off.

The spring show begins

The spring show begins

Today though, we shut it down all together and took a little drive down Niagara way to catch some spring flowers. Like everywhere else in the east, it’s been a cold wet spring. So to really catch the show we’ll need to go back in a week or so.

After a couple of weeks of hard work, it feels good to poke around just like we did all winter. We’re both enjoying the busy and the excitement, but kicking back is just fine too.

OOPS! Almost forgot the babies.

That crazy wife of mine! About a month ago she invited a robin family to set up shop in one of the trees on our site here at 50 Point.  Mom and Dad robin set out to build a strong yet stylish nest, then just days later  (robins apparently have similar rules as humans; the first eggs can come any time) we see 3 gorgeous blue eggs.
Two weeks later we have still 3 baby robins. In another 2 weeks in the third photo, the chicks have grown a bunch and we see there are actually four hungry mouths to feed in there.  Within the next few days they will have flight training and apparently by this time next week, they’ll all be gone.

Here’s the gallery:

“Der spring is sprung
Der grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is?”

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