Asian Beetles

My little pony

My little pony

Over the years we have picked up our share of unwanted guests in our travels.

I’m not talking about my cousin Bruce when I mention this, or the pony you see over there.  I’m thinking “other kinds of creatures.” I think our first was a mouse. I thought I’d scared him off only to find out he’d just left us long enough to retrieve his entire extended family including his drunken great-uncle from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Many frustrating days and miles went by before we could declare ourselves mouse-free.

Next, way back in the fall of 2008, in Brownsville we picked up a tribe of sugar ants and took them with us to southern Mexico (do you know anyone else who TAKES ants to Mexico?), then invited them all back to our summer park in Canada. It was many months  before we celebrated “ant free day”, a truly joyous occasion in the life of any RVer.


This past summer we answered an ad on Craig’s list and  billeted a small army of Asian beetles. I’m convinced they really like it here. Even though I squeeze or vacuum a few daily, every morning there’s a few more who want to play.


I tell you all that to tell you this: I was enjoying my protein shake this morning and thought while I was by the laptop i  should update an item on my blog. Oops, No Wi-Fi.

I decide to reboot the computer, hoping that was the problem. While the computer reboots ( its 5 years old and getting slow) ((I’m almost 70 and getting even slower)) I decide to go to the bathroom. On the way there I see one of our Asian friends so after the morning pleasantries I grab some toilet paper to carry him to the toilet and the fabled never-never Asian beetle land.  I spy another so I capture it in the same sheet of Angel Soft.



Just then another one flies in front of me and lands in a hard to reach area. I deposit my 2 captives in the loo and go get the vacuum cleaner to suck up the hard to reach one.

We are on the beach so it’s not surprising that I see a fresh pile of  sand by the entrance door. Vacuum hose still in hand I go for it, only to realize that the place needs a good vacuum.


Vacuuming is a job much like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. I like to do it because it’s the kind of job where you can instantly see what you have accomplished when you are done.

Floors vacuumed, I return the hose to its place.
By now the computer has rebooted, still no Wi-Fi. I try a tablet: Nada. Nyet. Oh good! A job for later.


All these horse pictures are eeminding me of the Saturday movies when I was a kid

All these horse pictures are reminding me of the Saturday movies when I was a kid

I  finish my breakfast shake and move outside to my favorite zero gravity chair wondering why I am so tired.

I know what you’re thinking: You think I’m just horsing around.

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  1. I am certain those Asian beattles procreate just by breathing… flushed two more this morning. What the “H” do those little farts eat?

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