As Pictured

When we bought this wagon for Aiden’s first birthday we had visions of Aiden and his dog Izzy (or is that  Izzy and his boy Aiden?) enjoying  a leisurely ride  down the sidewalk  in it. In this morning’s email we see a picture of our original goal.

We smile. Exactly what we had in mind.

One thought on “As Pictured

  1. What a cute little fellow your Aiden is!! It is so interesting when they are this age and it just gets better and better!
    We are very busy here, Kandice, who is seven months pregnant, fell last week and fractured her lower leg and of course in a cast with no weight bearing, soooooooo grandma and grandpa to the rescue. Samuel is three and his goal in life is to spend as much time as possible either sitting on the gator, or on an old tractor, or in the barn, wants to be outside all the time, so that is where we come into the picture, we bring him over here, and his wishes are granted.
    Kandice has started her maternity leave early, as she was going to work right up until the end of June, but not now.
    So nice reading your blogs, and we read them all!
    Take care.
    Don and Barb

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