Arizona Pin Stripes On Our Mexican Paint Job

We have owned our Sport Trac (we call it our “Fruck” as in fun truck) since 2004 and in almost 8 years we have never, ever, been out four-wheeling. Yes we’ve had it in 4 wheel drive before, when we were stuck in snow or getting on and off a Mexican beach but we have never gone out just to 4 by 4,as in “lets go out for a drive and go where no vehicle should go” . Yesterday we corrected that huge error and had a blast. We headed out from Boomerville with about a dozen other four-wheel drive vehicles to do the Hogback Mountain Trail. For the next 35 miles and 4 hours we powered through washes, over rocks, up and down hills and generally had the time of our lives.
And this time we were home in time for Happy Hour!

The Rig count today was 112 compared to 30 about a week ago.

that’s Marilyn to my left with the black hoodie
After dinner we are off to the “Pace Theater” (a slide presentation on the side of the Pace’s motor home). We gotta get out of this place soon, we need a rest!

Your’s truly


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