Arizona Folk Like Milk

We are  in the dry-camping area of the Tempe Arizona Elks for a couple of days and  are sitting accross the street from the biggest dairy (milk factory) I have ever seen in my life. I swear their buildings cover blocks. To feed this monstous dairy products machine every few minutes a tanker truck full of raw milk arrives from what must be many massive dairy farms. This is one noisy spot.

Oh how I miss the solitude of the Steps. The dogs, on the other hand, love it because entire area is paved.

The magic of Skype

While I was posting my story about our new neighbors we got a call from son Jason and grandson Aiden on Skype. Seems that Aiden wanted to show Grandma how well he can put his puzzles together. We often hear from Aiden and Cameron and Abby. It still blows me away; these conversations from computer to computer cost nothing, but are worth so much.
It’s time for breakfast so I gotta go. Yes, this morning breakfast will include milk.
Thanks for the read.

6 thoughts on “Arizona Folk Like Milk

  1. Back home the milk truck picks up 2,800 litres every two days from only 55 cows, but it stays in Ontario.
    Gotta love Skype for sure! Keeps you in touch while you are away.

  2. Hi Aiden and Jason-is Aiden ever growing since we saw him last June..:) gotta love skype…wonderful technology..

  3. Skype is awesome. Our only misgivings with it is the time difference. Makes it late in the day here before anyone is up and willing to be seen on camera from home. Well, and we’re a little camera shy too as it happens.
    Hey, I see Sicard’s is looking for sales staff. Thinking of going back to help out? (I think I know the answer to that one)
    It would seem they’ve made a heap of changes in their personnel in the last little while. Not that I would know or anything.

  4. No connection to Sicards. I’ve wandered around the lot a few times. Came kinda close to doing a deal back in 07 at some point, but we had an idea we’d be moving to Europe.
    Sold our motorhome to them in May of 2010. (Dealt with Roger.) They’re pretty good for parts as well. Sooner drive all the way to Smithville than stop at that other place in Hamilton. We won’t go there.
    Just thought it was one of those “six degrees of separation” that you had worked there is all.
    Happy Motoring!

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