Are We OK Now?

Computer is back

This is Monday. Since last Thursday my computer has really been giving me a rough time. I couldn’t get my amazingvanstones email or my Yahoo home page. I couldn’t save drafts in my blog and it took many attempts to actually publish it. Anything that did happen was extremely slow. I’d ran the Norton software a couple of times and could find nothing wrong. I was however down to my last gigabyte or two of memory. Yesterday, with Marilyn’s help, we attacked my beloved toy with an axe. We threw out programs I hadn’t used in a long time, moved a couple of gigs of pictures off, even cleaned up my email accounts. I had cleaned my inbox out a few times but in my sent folders I had emails going back to 2008. I’ve had a few computers since 2008. I must have moved the old emails over for at least a couple of computers.
Even after all that, still no email or home page. I did the only thing left to do. I shut it down, went out side and had a beer.We promised we would do battle with windows again today.
This morning I crawl out early, bringing my Kobo for back up (if I can’t blog I can pout and read). I make a cup of joe, fire up my Dell and voila! We seem to be back in business. Will it last or was it really crappy internet like I thought? Maybe it was the beer. Time will tell.

Old Friends

The first time someone comments on this blog they need to be approved by me, the administrator. These days you need to be careful, you can’t have all those weirdo’s and perverts leaving comments on the important subjects we cover on here, that’s for sure. Let’s face it. I’ve got both those titles reserved with my name on them and I don’t need no competition.

Anyway, today there is a comment from Don and Yvonne. How long has it been? 8 or 9 years? What a neat surprise! Just one more way this blog connects me with people in our extremely small world. Good to hear from you guys.

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