Arcadia, Florida

lazy days in downtown Arcadia

lazy days in downtown Arcadia

Yesterday we were hanging with Brian and Sheila and they suggest we should go see Arcadia.

We travel about 90 minutes north east of Okeechobee and there is there amongst the cattle ranches and orange groves is the sleepy little town of Arcadia. In an effort to keep their downtown alive they have cornered the market on Antique stores. As you walk down Oak Street in the old central core you are greeted by dozens of pretty well done  stores full of merchandise of years gone by.

IMAG0578 Now antique stores have never been my idea of an exciting good time, but you know me, I like to get along, so I’ll go with the flow.
On our tour we do stop for a great lunch, but we can’t dally, there are dozens more funky shops up and down the street  fighting for our attention.

We’re getting back to within a block or two of where we parked with still a half-dozen more shops to enjoy when a couple of folks in our party of 4 mention that they’ve  kind of seen enough antiques for one afternoon and there suddenly, as if by magic, out of no where appears a neat looking bar. Now you know me well enough to know that I don’t usually frequent such places but…….

Funky old bar

Funky old bar

The sign says “Rattler’s Bar” so I lead our group of explorers in to what turns out to be an authentic circa 1920’s speakeasy. Like most establishments in Florida, this place too has been wiped out by a hurricane or two over the years and has been rebuilt to what we see today. This place is even complete with private rooms upstairs for others who would prefer a little different kind of party. In fact if you closely up there on the balcony area you may see one of the “local” ladies beckoning me from above while Brian and Sheila enjoy a beverage at the bar.

IMAG0589 So once the friendly local lady and I have got to know each other I decide we like each other so much I should buy her a drink (see the stack of bills stuffed in her bra?) But alas, I am a man with responsibilities so I can not stay and play in friendly Arcadia. I have puppies at home in Okeechobee awaiting my return.

As we leave the bar I stop and look back and just for a minute, dream of all the things that could have been.
The trip home seems to take forever but it all ends well as Angel and Buster meet us at our door with tails wagging.
And that’s my story for today.

Homer: “No TV and no beer make Homer something something.”
Marge: “Go crazy?’
Homer: “Don’t mind if I do!”

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  1. Looks like a fun bar. .Buy any antiques? I think Mar said she already has one, LOL Another interesting rv park is Outdoor Resort of America in Lake Wales near u i believe. Expensive camping but a real Resort. Check it out. They used to have a rodeo Sat nites & barn dance, skeet shooting , golf,marina bar, & excellent dinning, & much more including upscale R v lots. The lots are owned but can be rented.

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