April In Paris

Remember that old tune from the 50’s that was done by everyone who was anyone including Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie ?


This dam on the Grand River is called the Penman Dam. Here’s a little known fact: my first pair of long johns were made by Penmans.


I have no idea where they were finding “chestnut blossoms” or the “charm of spring”.       We were there last month and it was barely above freezing! I get the line about a “warm embrace”, when you factor in the wind chill that day any embrace would not only be warm. It would  be welcome, even if it came from a hungry grizzly bear. Which, of course, it wouldn’t, because grizzly bears are smart enough to know it was to frigging cold to do anything but hibernate.

This could be my favorite quote

Please disregard the last two paragraphs. I’ve just been informed that Ella and the Count weren’t singing about the world famous Paris Ontario. Apparently there’s a town in France also called Paris.

We were tricked into going. We’ve driven through the place a couple of times and both times said their downtown needed a good exploratory visit, it was a beautiful sunny day and we felt the urge to go for a drive and there roads that go from here to there. Coincidentally Paris ONTARIO is the home of a very large craft store called Mary Maxim.

Also, by coincidence,we visited that store, but not before we froze numerous body parts going for a hike along the Grand River and exploring the downtown core.

We both enjoyed our visit to the store. Marilyn enjoyed the huge selection in Mary Maxim (they do have everything crafty) and I enjoyed the fact that it was warm in there.

Anyway, back to downtown:

This plaque says:
On this spot Alexander Graham Bell made the world’s first long distance call.
On this spot in 2018 I took a picture of this plaque with my smartphone.


While we were exploring their cute little town we found a park that overlooks the Grand River called Cobblestone Common.  While there I shot a 360  photo.

[momentopress url=https://momento360.com/e/u/21906b10618b416f9b1f8be1ec99fa82?utm_campaign=embed&utm_source=other&utm_medium=other]]

“Twinkle twinkle little star. Point me to the nearest bar”
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6 thoughts on “April In Paris

  1. Thanks for sharing the history of a terrific small Ontario town. Maybe try June though as it is much nicer walking along the Grand River then.

  2. Paris is a nice small town on the Grand have been there quite a few times and enjoy the area as well as the Maty Maxim visit. Our first Grandson was born at the Hospital there. 15 years ago.

  3. Love the 360 photo. It’s such cool tech. Speaking of tech, nice bit of trivia about the first long distance phone call.

  4. And a whole lot as well. And the plaque: I was stuck by how far the phone has come over the last 150 years. I can remember bring amazed at phones in different colors…

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