Apres Festivus Fun & Frivolity


At Festivus this year we were joined by good friends Dale & Sheila.

As you will recall, we each bring one dish, a beverage or two, and a gift for a pre-drawn name of a friend or family member.

This year Dale drew me. When it was his turn he presented me with a large beautifully wrapped box. As I began to carefully unwrap (it was too well done to just rip in), he explained that were rules attached to this gift, rules that would only be revealed  when I had opened the box. They were that I could only unwrap one of the circular cylinders at a time and that once the contents were revealed I was to deal with it appropriately. So no opening all them and then deciding my next course of action.

I studied each specially wrapped aluminum can carefully and then decided that they probably each contained a unique and special spring water. I further surmised that in addition to water there just may be some barley, hops and most probably a careful measure of yeast in each vessel.

My young grandson Aiden was as intrigued with my gift as I so we agreed that he and I would open one (but only one) and I (not him) would do what ever needed to be done with the contents.

Much to everyone’s suprise, the cannister contained a light but flavorful german lager.

Last night, after we got home, I invited my friend John to play the game with me, and we each found  a nectar of the gods in our unwrapped container. It’s kind of like “scratch and win” except there is no scratch and everybody wins.

Thanks Dale.

As the patriarch of the family I personally guarantee that you will be the first person invited to Festivus next year. In fact; which weekend is best for you?


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  1. OK, so all those stories you told us about Festivus were really a cover story for a beer party??

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