Another Talented Vanstone

Guess what, she’s another talented Vanstone. Elizabeth may not be a Vanstone by birth but we got her fair and square in an off season trade a few years ago.In April of 2007 she officially became one of us. She has always been a talented dancer but lately she has been working hard learning the art of silks. Looks to me like she’s got it although everytime I watch the video my heart jumps when she does that roll down.
Not only is she a talented performer, she is also a wife to son Jason, a mother to grandson Aiden and a great friend. We’re proud to call her “family”. Actually, we’re proud of all our kids, and their significant others. They say that every family has a black sheep in it so if that’s true then in our family the black sheep must be me because it’s sure none of the rest of them. On second thought 20 years ago I could have been the black sheep, but now you would have to color me a dark grey sheep. Or maybe a salt and pepper sheep. There’s certainly nothing mutton about this converstaion.
Allan emailed me a Bob Hope story the other day. Bob Hope had some great lines on aging: like you know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake or how about he still chases women but now only downhill. We can all relate to this one: You know you’re getting old when even your birthday suit needs to be ironed.
Does anybody remember what this post was originally about?
Well done Elizabeth!

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  1. beautiful….what upper body strength she must have…….and no fear of heights……what a talented young lady

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