Angel’s Unfortunate Adventure

It was just over a week ago when Marilyn came home to find Angel crying while hobbling around our coach on three legs.
We rushed her to our vet who took x-rays and announced that she had suffered a trauma and had dislocated her left hip. The very next day we rushed her to an orthopedic surgeon who recommended surgery. He also should have recommended we increase the limit on our credit cards while we were at it because, just like you, our pets are our babies and we were ready to do or spend what ever it takes to solve any obviously painful problem. Turns out that once they got her prepped and tranquilized, ready for surgery, he was able to massage her leg back to the right place and the surgery was not required. We picked her up later that same day, all bandaged with her back legs hobbled together so that her bone would not pop out again.

Today she went for her one week checkup. The good news is that she is healing just fine but will stay in her bandage and hobble until her next appointment in another 3 weeks.
How did that happen you ask? We don’t know for sure, but after a week of careful thought Marilyn now has a theory: No matter whether we are traveling in Canada,

the US or Mexico, our buddy Buster believes that his station in life is to look after our security. Day or night, whenever anyone comes near our motor coach his job, as he sees it is to jump up on the driver’s seat and bark like crazy. You see, he likes to warn intruders before he attacks them. Angel, as his official “back up barker” is aware that her duty in all of this to jump on the co-pilot seat and sound equally ferocious. When the approaching criminals or seniors out for a quiet stroll have been chased off our guardians jump off the front seats and return to their favorite sleeping position.

(Amazingly, even in that state of deep relaxation they can, at a drop of a leaf a thousand meters away, be back at their posts barking ferociously in less than a second.)
We think that in her descent she caught her leg in the seat belt, at one point probably hanging in mid-air by her left leg. At least, that’s the theory.
In the interim, for at least the next three weeks, when ever we go for a walk, Angel will enjoy her ride a very classy looking stroller Marilyn picked up at a local thrift store while the rest of us trudge along beside and behind her, making sure she enjoys the fresh air.

2 thoughts on “Angel’s Unfortunate Adventure

  1. Glad to hear our Angel is healing and no surgery was required. Hug her for us.

  2. You are lucky to have such a talented vet, lucky she was spared the surgery. Her healing is going to hurt you more than her. You are great parents indeed.

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