And to market we do go

Ever since the 1890’s  St Catharines has hosted a farmers market. These days the market runs  3 days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It’s only about a 30 minute walk from our house through a quiet residential area so this morning, after breakfast  we walk the dogs and head out. The camera in my pocket was “just case I saw a burst of color that I could use in the blog.

Its been hot and humid here for the last few weeks, for example,this morning at 9:30 it’s already in the mid thirties, feeling like low forties (well above 100 F)  and  the day has hardly begun.


So the main purpose for this dissertation is to back into the swing of things, after all, my last attempt was last October.

My poor old blog had some issues back then, it was extremely slow to load and in recent months would not display any pictures. It was also extremely frustrating to produce.  So I didn’t.

A month or so ago I packed up website and headed out to an expert to get it working like it should again. Kinda like your car, sometimes the home handy man stuff just can’t get the job done, they need a little professional attention.

Turns out, it was my “handyman attention” that was the problem in the first place. My repair geek guy, Trey, says I had it 80% right, and where I was trying to go was right, but I was still missing it on that 20%. He’s right, I can figure out what to say and how to say it, and my photography skills are improving but  when it comes to the how to set up the part you don’t see (the back end) I lose it.

So here we go. I’m a few hundred dollars poorer, but I think I’m going to enjoy cranking out that same old bullshit I’ve become so famous for.

If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook this next item is old news, but it you’re not and we haven’t talked lately, I have news:


As of the October 2 I am retired. I have had an absolute blast selling RV’s in the late 70’s but it’s definitely  time for a new adventure. I started preparing for this event last spring when I finally began to read the owner’s manual for the fine  Canon camera I had purchased way back in 2011. I got our bikes tuned up, and now my blog back, we are getting Putt Putt set up the way we want and are now just days away from hiking, biking and living the good life. I know I know, I’ve been down this road before (my last retirement gig lasted 6 weeks). bu this time I think I’m ready.I am certainly excited about it all.

I'm counting down the days

I’m counting down the days I have to work. Loop 

Elaine, if you’re reading, this next part is for you.  Today’s quote is truly written in stone. If you’re ready for it, here we go.


Thanks for the read.

7 thoughts on “And to market we do go

  1. Lovely to have you blogging again. I just recently had to do some updating on my blog structure also. I guess we need to keep up with the times.

    Love the advent calendar. I know you are going to enjoy retirement.

  2. Hi Larry & Mar,

    Enjoy your “new” retirement! Not sure who’ll I go to if I decide to buy another RV. It has always been an enjoyable experience dealing with you and spending some time together and just talking.


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