And They Are Off

Gator races at the Big O. A challenging but dangerous sport.

Over the years we’ve covered many different kind of races for you folks. On the Mexican Caribbean coast we saw crab races, in Louisiana we went to frog races. When we arrived here almost a month ago we saw horse races but yesterday we enjoyed our first ever run of gator races. This is certainly not a sport for the poor folk. As I recall in 2008 it cost us 5 pesos to bet on the crabs, where as, here at the Big O it’s $2.50 to bet on the alligators.
The major difference though is that while the crabs and the frogs were real and alive, the folks here at the Big O are more easily fooled. They enjoy horse races even though to a sober outsider the “horses” are actually people dressed as horses and while their gators are well dressed, just between you and me, save their costumes they, the contestant gators are all plastic. While the plastic gators all appeared to be sober, the people watching and betting all the big money…….

2 and 6 are fighting for first spot with 5 right behind.

But, it’s all good fun and the money raised all goes to charity.
Tomorrow night is Karaoke, where they use real people but pre-recorded music.

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Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.
? W.C. Fields