And The Men Got Beer

And we’re happy about it.  Great beers! From all over the world.

Festivus, the Western Edition, is now in the books and will go down as a good one I think. Mar & I invited Mike and daughter Tracy along with grandchildren Cam and Abby over for our first ever Festivus in the west. We drew names for our maximun $30 gifts, and all contributed food and drink for a great evening for the 6 of us, just like the ones that happen back in Ontario.

Good News. We passed our first grandparent task with flying colors. We found the bus stop and we found the grandson. All went well.

Here’s a neat side story: As you know this Sunday is Halloween and so at every elementary school across at least North America the kids celebrate with a Halloween party on the Friday afternoon.

 Seems that at Cameron’s school the grade six class rented a smoke machine for their event. Seems that their smoke machine tripped the school smoke detectors. seems that automatically alerted the fire department. (this just keeps getting better doesn’t it?) Seems the kids didn’t get to play most of the planned halloween games because they spent most of the afternoon out in the parking lot watching the many firemen as they secured the building.

How would you like to have been a fly on the wall in the staff meeting Friday afternoon at Wild Rose Elementary School on friday afternoon. Oops

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