And The Education Continues

Our Wedding Day

We Vanstones are never late for anything and yesterday was no exception. We were in our chairs before the 9 am Micro soft ding yesterday for another muti-hour marathon of forcing and jamming useful information in these well worn brains of ours. We began with a discussion about Facebook, dug deeper into our tablets and smart phones and learned more about Picasa. After lunch we tackled our GPS devices and last class of the school day, we got in a small class on a program called Movie Maker.

Marilyn jumped all over this one and when it came time to grab a few photos to put together into a movie she reached way back in our computer archives and pulled out the few remaining shots of our now 32 years ago wedding. Before we left the class for mandatory happy hour and optional delicious dinner she’d cobbled together a quick video of that special day. It’s pretty rough at this point but I’m betting it will be ready for the Toronto International Film Festival within a few days. When it’s done we’ll invite you all to it’s world premiere.
It’s going to be a big event.There will be a lot of very rich and important people there. We’ll all have to promise to dress up: (I’m looking at you George. I’m sorry but no vest that night).

And now, we again force our tired beaten minds to learn. Today it’s about LED lighting, more smart phone stuff, then on to induction cooking and whatever else our instructors Chris + Jim (Geeks on Tour) and Phil + Tracy (TechnoRV) choose to inflict on us.

I leave you with a picture of “Homemade English Sticky Toffee Pudding”, amazing stuff to be sure. A dessert so rich, so sweet, so delectable and delicious that after only one bite, you know you’ll need to be wearing your “BIG pants” tomorrow.

Homemade English sticky toffee pudding

I’m Larry. And that’s my story.

4 thoughts on “And The Education Continues

  1. right on..your learning new things…there will be a computer class starting here after Christmas I think..hopefully they include apple products and I’ll present with the mac and ipad..have a super day..and behave in school…good looking dessert

  2. Glad you are learning and learning, can never know too much about computers. We enjoyed a seminar put on by the Geeks on Tour at the Daytona Rally in November.

  3. What a terrific looking couple. Hope you are taking lots of notes to teach us old dogs some new tricks.

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