And Now….The Rest Of The Story


I told you the story of our new tv. I waxed on about how big it is (Yes! Now I see it. Size does matter), how great the picture is and bragged about some of its many amazing un-tv-like features.

But there’s always another story. So, in true Paul Harvey tradition, Now…..the rest of the story

Our coach is a 2006. While we know the tv is original and we think the vcr/dvd player probably are too, the rest of the stuff in there we are not so sure of. What we do know is that there is hundreds of feet of many kinds, colors and combinations of wire and cable in there behind all the electronics, and thanks to the HDMI connections on new tv’s, almost none of it is necessary anymore. In typical fashion, it’s clear that when ever they changed components over the years they just ignored the old cables, added new ones and if those cables were too long they just wrapped them up in a ball and stuffed them in the back somewhere.

The real fix is to take out the components, probably update a few of them, pull out all the wiring and start again and this time do it properly. But the other day the focus was to get the tv working, so that’s what we did.
Yesterday afternoon Mar and I decided that we could at least clean it up a bit in there.
The picture you see is just some of the excess wiring we hauled out of there in our quest. There’s still lots left. The good news is that in spite of our intervention, the tv and the home theater systems are still working just fine.

Do you do that?

As I was linking my comment about Paul Harvey to this post I stopped, went back and read again his birth and death dates. I do that all the time now, I’m guessing it’s an age thing but maybe it’s just a Larry thing. I figure out their age at death and compare it to my own, still living as far as I know.

If I live as long as he did, I’ve got another 14 years. I would like to hope I could make it into my mid 80’s. I guess we’ll all just have to keep reading this drivel to see how that turns out. OK, maybe 81 will be enough.

Pickle Ball Lesson

This past weekend there was a pickle ball tournament here at Tanglewood. The team from River’s something Motorcoach park arrived in their shiny motorhomes to do battle with our finest athletes. It kind of reminded me of a visiting football team coming to my high school, planning on trouncing our team into the ground.

They were all good. So good in fact that Marilyn and I decided maybe we need a couple more lessons. Our park runs a beginner pickle ball class Mondays at 3:00. We plan to be there. II guess though it will be no big dill if we can’t make it.

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3 thoughts on “And Now….The Rest Of The Story

  1. I don’t think I ever listened to Paul Harvey. Is that bad? I guess I’m a little *ahem* younger than some of his audience. Not sure.
    I too need to round up all the old RCA cords that I have lying around. Seems they’re going the way of the Dodo.

  2. That much wire? Hmm maybe he will be happy with the electronics he has if he realizes we have to know where all those miles and miles of wires connect to.

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