An Old Joke?

In most doctor’s offices the magazines of choice are National Geographic and Reader’s Digest.
I always catch “Life’s Like That” first then follow up with the rest of the jokes.

There was one in there the other day about  how a wife takes her hubby to an Antique store only to have him disappear. Later she finds him sitting quietly in the car. When asked what’s wrong he says he found the whole thing very depressing because he could remember when all the things for sale in the Antique store were brand new.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Toronto with Jason, Elizabeth and Aiden. At one point Jason comes out of the bathroom with a copy of Readers Digest (where do you keep your Readers Digest?); he wants to show me a joke in there because when he read it he thought of me. Turns out it’s about a guy that goes with his wife to an antique store…..
On the news yesterday they are saying that Rogers Video is shutting down the balance of their video rental stores. Here in canada we are eliminating pennies.
Earlier yesterday I was reading up on the new Jayco fold down tent trailers. Seems the stereos in the 2012 models come satellite, mp-3 and I-pod ready but no longer include a CD player. Yes they still have AM and FM.
I’m thinking we should all get together and have a huge garage sale. I’m going to bring my CD’s. While I’m in that cupboard I should get rid of the cassette tapes too. What about the 8-track tapes and those records? There’s got to be someone who would love all those great 33’s, 45’s and 78’s.
There goes the combo DVD player/VCR we loved so much (remember Beta?). We’ve already replaced our books with e-readers. Maybe I could part with that old roll of paper for my telex machine, and what about my cool collection of fountain pens. Throw in the typewriter, yeah, the adding machine too. And my first couple of cell phones, my Kodak cameras and a couple of almost new tape recorders.

We should send everyone a telegram so they know about this big sale I’ll go down to  A & W and tell the car hops, and you tell your neighbors. We’ll mimeograph some posters and put them up on the telephone poles, and announce it on the P.A.

I’m sure everyone bring all their pennies.

Tell me, tell us all: What things from your “yesteryears” will you be adding to our big sale? What will we do with all the money we raise? More importantly, what will be do with all the space we free up?

3 thoughts on “An Old Joke?

  1. Yes just amazing how things keep getting outdated, all of our treasures are almost useless now. Find someone to buy this useless stuff then we can buy more stuff to become obsolete.

  2. *sigh*
    I still have cassettes in my shop that I can’t bear to part with. I do have a player out there and pop one in once in a while, but even the player is starting to get a bit wonky. It’s those moving parts, darn it.

  3. the empty space would be filled with more junk my wife would buy so might as well keep what we have so i dont have to spend any more money understanding that the new stuff would cost more than we would get for the old stuff

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