An Inflatable Dam

Not a day goes by that I don’t learn about something new and you know that when I get one that makes me go “wow” I share it with you.
Linda is taking us for a walk on the boardwalk along Tempe Town Lake yesterday and is explaining that the man-made lake is controlled by dams on each end. That’s cool. Then we get to the signboard that explains it all. Turns out the dams are made of a rubber product and inflatable.
Wow! That’s way cool. I just learned something, maybe you did too.

Then, just when you think your brain is full enough for one day, something else pops up: My buddy George chips in with a comment on my story yesterday about the milk factory next door with “Back home the milk truck picks up 2,800 litres every two days from only 55 cows, but it stays in Ontario”  For you non-metric  types, 2800 litres equals about 736 US gallons. ( 3.8 litres equals a gallon). Assuming American cows are as productive as Canadian cows (the only thing I know for sure us Canucks are better at is drinking beer) that’s almost 7 gallons ( 25 litres) per cow, per day.

This morning we leave the paved Tempe Elks parking lot and move on to Lost Dutchman State Park for a few days.

Talk to  you later


7 thoughts on “An Inflatable Dam

  1. Interesting concept of the inflatable dams for sure thanks for sharing, now we may almost be as smart as you! Enjoy the State Park maybe you will find the Lost Dutchman Gold mine!!
    And the Mesa Market Place is a HUGE swap meet/flea market to wander about on the weekends if thats you thing.

  2. I know a place you could pop by for a glass of red wine, a cold beer and a steak on the BBQ not too far from you…….and appies too…..if you have the time we’d love to see you and the pooches one day , give us a call if you like 520-414-4410(SKYPE , or 352-270-0118 us cell, we are heading to Laughlin for the weekend till Tuesday, but free anytime after that. Nancy Hodgson

  3. Cold beer, red wine and a steak. Boy, you sure know how to catch a guy’s attention don’t you. And we like apples too. You wouldn’t happen to have a 40′ driveway would you? Let us work on it.

  4. Yes, we’ve been to the Mesa market place last year. It is quite a show. I’m not smart, I learn a lot but with my memory I don’t retain like I used to.

  5. well who knew…what next..inflatable dams..and according to the sign we have some in Canada..kewl

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