An Active Bucket List

dalebaloon2.jpgAs you may have gathered, we figure it’s real important to live life to the fullest. Here’s an example of someone we think are doing it right, they’re our cousins, who know what they want and are working on achieving it. I wanted to share their story with you. Enjoy

Hello Everyone

Yesterday as we motored across Southern Arizona towards Texas we started discussing our Bucket List of what we wanted to see next winter. The top of the list was a hot air balloon rally which we both agreed on. By chance flipping through a magazine a little later we found out that about two hours from us in Las Cruces, New Mexico the Mesa Valley rally was scheduled for the next day. Perfect we called the park where we had spent New Years eve and were able to get a spot.

At 5:00 a.m. this morning we were up and out the door shortly after into a very chilly morning, 27 degrees. With a thermos of coffee in hand we drove to the farmers field where the event was scheduled and waited for the sun to come up. Amazing is the only word to describe watching as the balloons were unfurled and the burners lit to get them airborne. The ages of the drivers, if that is what you call them, was interesting too as they covered quite a span.

Now that we have crossed number one off of our Bucket List there is room for more.


Dale and Sheila

We look forward to the pictures.

We have the pictures. Look at the massive chest on that man. Amazing for his Age! Ooh, sorry, that’s the balloon. It was an honest mistake.

Count em, 2 yes two more sleeps.