Amazing Abs

I think it was about three weeks ago, we were in a park in Woodbine Georgia, when we had a visit from friends Rick and Elaine . Rick was well in to his Movember beard and moustache  and just between you and me (don’t tell Rick) I thought he looked rather suave and debonair.

I too would like to look suave and debonair!

A few days later I accidentally forgot to shave. When I realized my error the next day it seemed like maybe now was the time to see what I could do. So I set out to let my facial hair grow so that I too could be both suave and debonair, just  like Rick.

It all  lasted about 10 days before my face was becoming so itchy I just couldn’t take it anymore. So one morning before the dogs or  Mar were even awake, I snuck out of bed, tip-toed into the bathroom and shaved my face clean.

immediately my face felt better, the itch was gone.

Even shaving it doesn't help

Even shaving doesn’t help

Later in the day, once again, while  gazing into the mirror, I noticed that without the fuzz, my face looked a lot slimmer. Inadvertently my eyes slipped to my ever-growing belly. If it worked on my face, I thought, why would it not work on my belly?  Sadly, shaving my belly made absolutely no difference.

Here’s a horrible thought: Maybe my belly looks fat simply because it is fat!

Now, if I could just get rid of this itchy belly.

A new father quickly learns that his child invariably comes to the bathroom at precisely the times when he’s in there, as if he needed company. The only way for this father to be certain of bathroom privacy is to shave at the gas station.
-Bill Cosby

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  1. Of course it’s not a picture of me. This guy can put a beer On his belly and motor on.I have to drink it first before I can motor.

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