Almost Overdrive

Yesterday we did a grand total of 45 miles from Hilton Head to Red Gate Farms RV Park just outside of Savannah Georgia, all on 2 lane secondary roads. Never got over 50 mph, the whole trip and never got over 5th gear. To get to the top gear we need to do 60. Now how’s that for a new way to relax?

We chose this park because one of the reviews on  said this place is basically a big clearing in the trees with RV’s circled in the middle and we wanted to make sure our Shaw Direct satellite receiver was receiving so we could catch the Canadian Football League semi-finals. (Way to go Toronto and Calgary!)

We still had time to zip downtown and do an incredible 90 minute trolley tour. What a neat city Savannah turned out to be! No pictures because we were behind heavy clear plastic windows (still cool, cloudy with showers) but we are going back today to walk the town and I promise we’ll do better, Scouts honor!.

Somebody is having a birthday today.

I’m not sure exactly what is happening here, but I do remember that when I married this girl she was  cute, cuddly  and still in her 20’s. Today she is even cuter and cuddlier but now she is excited because she can apply for Canada Pension Plan. Today she turns 59.

Happy birthday my love

4 thoughts on “Almost Overdrive

  1. Happy Birthday Mar !!!!
    Ahh!! Savannah that gorgeous old city with a slave trader past. Also home to some marevelous seafood restaurants.
    Enjoy your day

  2. We were booked in the same spot last year…but never made it we ran out of time…is it as nice as the reviews say? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARILYN…and many many more…keep on cuddling :)…its your birthday!!! So make it a good one….take the long road home tonight 🙂 xo

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