Almost Mexico

Just accross the border, Los Algodones, Mexico

Miles and Miles of Dentists

Yesterday we made the quick trip from Yuma, Arizona, USA to Los Algodones, Baja California Norte, Mexico, the land of dentists, optical stores, Farmacias (drug stores) and liquor stores. We had no idea what to expect. After the past three winters deep in Mexico we were certainly ready to be disappointed. We were not. The people are exactly the same; All big smiles and warm hearts. Exactly the same as the folks in any other corner of the country.
Marilyn needs a new pair of glasses, we are packing some left over pesos, it would  be like getting glasses for “almost free today” as the Mexican vendors love to say.  We were travelling with Dale and Sheila, Ken and Jo. Most of our party were either there for the optical stores or the dentists. Dale and I were in charge of getting a table in the sun at an outdoor bar. All goals were achieved: Dale and I polished up our tans while enjoying a couple of cold Pacificos with lime. The rest of our group scored at their dentists, while Marilyn bought two pair of glasses for less than $200.
The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

3 thoughts on “Almost Mexico

  1. We have always had fun there in Algodones, got me new glasses there about three years ago maybe should go back and get another pair. Will see where the next few weeks takes us. Have fun.

  2. glad everyone scored today :)…I had an eye appt last fall..they wanted $650.00 for my glasses (one pair) trifocals etc..I shopped for them at you upload a pic of yourself try em all on and voila punch in your prescription and take your pick. I picked up two pairs with sunshade clips on fully coated nice frames to the door delivery within a week for 129.00…just like Mexico ..I took them (not being a trusting soul) to the eye dr to make sure they were accurate and bingo they were..they came from Japan in less than a week…enjoy your stay…we might need to winter close to Mexico next winter 🙂

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