All About Family

I was talking to our son Jason the other day and he was telling me how much fun they are having with their son Aiden  at the local park. Now that brings back some memories.

Later we had a visit from our daughter Pamela and her fiance James. They are all about the final plans for their wedding now less than 9 weeks away.

A little later still Mar and I take the dogs for a walk around 50 Point and see Mr & Mrs Goose out for a stroll with their family.

So what’s this all mean you ask?

Beats me, maybe let’s just put it down to random thoughts coming together.

If you are out and about in the Niagara region this weekend drop in to the Thorold Arts and Crafts Fair. It runs from 10 to 4 both Saturday and Sunday. You’ll catch it at the Thorold Arena at 70 Front St. North in downtown Thorold.

Marilyn would love to see you.


2 thoughts on “All About Family

  1. Great pic of goose family .. We are still getting rain and cool weather, very yucky and tired of it, but no floods,snow ,fires or tornados!! susie

  2. Likewise. Exactly likewise. Ditto. Based on the weather around us and all the sh*t happening we can’t complain but we would sure like to..

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