Ajo, Arizona

When I look at this picture first I see the Mexican and American flags. I’m thinking that means we are crossing the border. When we look closer we see a lot of dead bugs, dirt and stories to tell.

I’d do that now, but Buster is staring at me and that means “quit with the computer Dad, I gotta go NOW!”

It took me an hour to get a good internet signal and now I need to take the dogs for a walk.

Talk to you later.

OK, we’re back. The dogs are happy, I’ve had a shave and am in line for a shower. That’ll be different, a shave and a shower in the same hour! I’ve done it in the same day but not lately in the same hour. I must be in a different country or something.

But back to yesterday: Way back in Los Mochis we met Clark & Linda from Gabriola Island, BC and caught up with them again in San Carlos. They travelled out with Bob & Marjorie and us amazing vanstones yesterday, 3 walkie-talkies back and forth.

This morning, in Ajo, Arizona we will all say Adios and go our seperate ways.

Big news times two for our regular readers: This cactus has been with us since 2002 and it’s been on the dash of our last couple of motorhomes since we hit the road 3 or 4 years ago. Every year or two it produces a new flower that only lasts one or two days. Yesterday was the day! It was also the day it came through it’s 19th international border crossing (Mexico, USA, Canada) and probably close to 50 or 60 state agricutural inspections, sitting right up there on the dash for all the world to see.

This morning the cactus, it’s flower and the Beaver (used to sit on the dash in our Eagle (2001, thanks again Anne) are all doing fine, enjoying a sunny Arizona morning.

OK, gotta go again, it’s my turn for the shower.

I did it! Shave and a shower; same hour!

Adios y Hasta Luego and  Safe Travels Clark & Linda, Bob & Marjorie.

6 thoughts on “Ajo, Arizona

  1. L ove the Cacti flower and it,s travel,s, good to hear you crossed the border and are safe and sound, take care!!!

  2. Glad to hear you made if safely….great winter at Stone Island….love all you pictures and stories on your blog…..hope to see you again some day

  3. Larry and Marily: Love the blooming cactus!! Interesting about the failed crops. Wishing you a safe journey as you make your way back to Canada. Rhonda and Charlie

  4. Been holding our breathes for you….now that you have crossed Mexico and are heading homeward bound, you relax a bit more onthis part of your journey.
    Based on my view of your blog writings, I am willing to bet this winter in Mazatlan was one of your most memorable, if not the best yet…..glad we could be part of your thrills and chills.
    See you soon.

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