Airstreams X 4 = 1 Neat Restaurant

4 Airstream trailers converted to kitchens serve up some great food

Start with a corner lot right downtown. Place 4 converted Airstream trailers around the perimeter. Landscape with palms and patio blocks, then add tables and chairs.

If you build it, they will come.

At the corner of Main and Palafox in downtown historic Pensacola there is an especially funky place for food lovers, Rvers and especially Airstream enthusiasts to enjoy a great meal.

We are in the “historic” district of downtown Pensacola checking out all the funky shops, bars and restaurants in what was “historically” the center of a classy  old city. As we meander down Palafox Street while  I’m checking out the reno job they are doing on a couple of buildings to our right, Marilyn, not much into renovations  gazes left and exclaims “there’s something. “

We have come upon Al Fresco

About a year ago a local developer dropped in a couple of Airstream trailers converted to mobile kitchens. One opened as a restaurant featuring a green and organic menu, the other a barbecue menu. Obviously it worked. They have since added  two more, one a cheese sandwich specialty (with cheese cake for dessert) and a fourth kitchen/trailer featuring Mexican food.

For our lunch we chose a great Wise Guy sandwich from Gouda Stuff but passed on the cheesecake for dessert.

I’m planning our next visit already. I think next time I’ll try Mexican

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“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” -Orson Wells

3 thoughts on “Airstreams X 4 = 1 Neat Restaurant

  1. Yes, that eatery is very interesting. Try the pub called “O’Brady’s” – it is the first one opened by the family in ??? – many, many years ago. Did you visit Joe Pattie’s? It is a chilly 42F in Ft. Myers this morning, however temp is expected to rise to 70ish. Burr…..

  2. That’s interesting. It’s 60 here. Supposed to see high 60’s today then freeze tonight. Warmer would be nice, but we are having fun.

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