Meet The Amazing Vanstones

Hi. We are Marilyn and Larry Vanstone.

This page used to start out that we’ve been together since 1980, in 2001 we’d both quit our jobs in the RV Industry to travel for a year, then bought a stick built house again, blah, blah, blah. Then it went on that in 2008 we changed our lifestyle again and went full time RVing until 2015, traveling south through the southern US and Mexico in  the winter while we worked part time in our summers here in southern Ontario. In the summer of 2015, we hd bought a house in St Catharines, Ontario, sold our big coach and bought a little guy we call Putt Putt.

It’s all true, every damn word.

Now in 2016, we’ve changed it up a little more.We are now loving our retired lifestyle.

Marilyn is an artist, spending her days painting both oils and acrylics and sewing. I’m a wanna-be photographer and writer. We love to hike and bike and camp in our little Trend. We also like to explore and wander and discover new places, new things and new friends.

For another take on the AmazingVanstones here’s an article from RVWest Magazine


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24 thoughts on “Meet The Amazing Vanstones

  1. Hi Larry&Marilyn,
    We have some connecting points to your life story…
    We bought our first 5W+Truck in Edmonton from a private party in 2002,later in 2005 we traded the old 5W in Grove RV & Leisure next to Edmonton.
    My mother (88) is a painter and has some paintings in Jerusalem,Shanghai Museums and I think we all love RV ,good company and beer.
    Hope to meet you guys.
    Be well and do not do anything I wouldn’t.

  2. Daniel. Add to the list: Our son and daughter-in-law own a Dance Studio and both teach.

  3. We’re interested in traveling to Mazatlan and wanted to ask where you stay when you are there? Also is it safe? We keep reading about how bad the situation is in Mexico and wonder about it.

    Thanks –
    Dave and Jen

  4. We so enjoyed meeting you two at the Friday happy hour at Friendship Hall, and also chatting with you a bit at the New Year’s Eve party at the Ranch House. Your blog looks interesting and you have a great sense of humor. As people who have traveled extensively in Mexico, both mainland and Baja, for years (but not recently) we are pleased to see how much you like it down there too. We really hope to meet up with you at another time and place and share stories and adventures.
    Happy New Year!
    Mary & Elaine

  5. I enjoyed your blog and thought I’d subscribe but I can’t find a button for RSS feed that works…. the one in the meta box doesn’t do anything.



  6. Hi Guys,
    I enjoyed your blog.
    Brother Bob and Marjorie are currently traveling the Gulf route with you. You will enjoy the coastline.
    Our RVing has spanned decades and countries and has always brought new insights to how we look at life.
    Enjoy your travels, live life and keep doing good things.
    Happy trails!
    Dave and Margie

  7. Thanks for the kind words Dave. You’ll be happy to know that Bob’s doing a great job of looking after us.
    We arrived in San Antonio an hour ago, it’s March 17 and we are heading out looking for a green beer or two. Wish us luck!

  8. I am sitting here at work, enjoying your blog. It seems since we decided to winter in Mazatlan this next winter all we do is read books, and wish the time away…We plan on staying at Tres Amigos starting in November 2012. We have a 28ft 5th wheel and a little dog named Jackson (who could be your dogs cousin). I work in an office and my husband is an commercial artist. We traveled for a year in 1994 when we decided we needed a break from life. It was the best thing we ever did. Now it’s time again. I found your blog through another blogger, Contessa. Maybe we will meet somewhere. We live in Penticton, BC so the summers here are very nice. Anyway I just had to leave a comment and say hi.

  9. Hi Marilyn and Larry Vanstone,

    I accidentally came across your website. My mother-in-law’s maiden name is Vanstone. It’s not a common name & I’m trying to do a family tree. I have sourced the name to come from England. Our grandparents were Ed&Lois Vanstone> his parents: Bert&Daisy Vanstone> his parents were from England but that’s all I know. Bert’s brothers were Sam & William. If perhaps you know any details that would be exciting. Just in case… thought I’d post. Our Grandpa Vanstone just passed away last year at 93 ~ we loved his character!!

  10. Hi Marlene.
    My grandfather’s name was Frank. I think he was from Winnipeg but lived in Vancouver. My father’s name was Fred, his brother was Jim (probably James). I always had the impression that my family was from southern Ontario (after England) but can’t confirm that. Have you been to the Facebook page “My name is Vanstone but you probably don’t know me?” Our son did a a family tree in his last year of high school (14 years ago) and decided that some of our ancestors were pirates, a fact I personally am very proud of.

  11. Hi Larry, glad to see you are back to publishing on your blog. Hope you remember us, we went out for dinner with you and Marilyn at Jojoba last winter. I’m interested in hearing what your plans are for this winter. We are thinking about going to Mexico in the PV area and also of buying a used Class A. We are looking at a 2008 Fleetwood…here’s the ad We have looked at this unit and it says it requires ultralow sulphur diesel. What is your experience with newer units in Mexico, that require ULSD? What about your motorhome?

  12. Hello Folks:
    Just a little note to wish you a great fall and winter, safe travelling!
    All is well here, leaving in Nov. for just a couple weeks to S.C. and then right after Christmas to Florida, state parks, until Feb 10th or so, home and off to India for 20 days and then going back to S.C. so hope all this works.
    We are so thankful to both be so healthy, as we all know, that is what it is all about!
    Take care, enjoy reading your blog and maybe we will catch up with you somewhere this winter.
    As ever, Don and Barb

  13. You do a great job on the Blog Larry. Be careful this could turn into a full time career, and cut way into the happy hour(s)!
    Al (hiskool chum)

  14. Found you through Geeks on Tour and love the attitude of your posts! We are also fulltimers – though we only just got started barely a year ago. Hope to learn a lot from you. Maybe you’ll visit our website and enjoy our stories when you get a moment. Thank you –

  15. Hi Larry ,Marilyn and familys,
    Seasons greetings from your Vanstone cousins from devonshire england.
    Please keep up your daily posts which we look forward to.

    Ray and Val Vanstone. Holsworthy DevonshireEngland

  16. Saw you in RVWest, great article. We’re not full timers but we do spend a lot of time RV’ing so I also do a blog on our travels. On another note, it has been awhile since we all went to school, but …..just testing my memory……..did you go to school in Kamloops, Larry?
    keep enjoying your travels,

  17. Hi there, we hale from Medicine Hat, AB and came upon your article in the RV West Magazine and thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the things you as a couple do.

  18. Yep, I’m the guy. I remember you! Great to hear from you. What’s your blog address?

  19. Hi Carolyn and Glen. Great to meet you! Thanks for your comment and welcome aboard.

  20. Hey Larry, did you ever fix the broken step cover in your Camelot? I still have to figure out mine and how to access the step cover motor which I think is the source of the problem.

  21. I live 100% in ajijic. I have no perfmanent address in Mexico so I pay someone to use their address in Canada. I think I need a Canada address to get shaw …iam I correct

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